Help needed on subclinical acne?

Asked: Help needed on subclinical acne?

Hey guys, so my sister is 16 and she has her school dance coming up in around 3 months and my mum is spending ALOT of money on her makeup but the problem is she has subclinical acne and doesnt know how to get rid of it fast, its only on her forehead, and the weird thing is she has NEVER warn any make up, mainly cause it shows up more but its weird cause not wearing hardly any make up, wouldnt that help and make the skin breathe getting rid of the acne?! My dad had the same problem and my sister does have most of his genes, but she'll do anything to be able to have a soft beautiful forehead for hef dance, so i want to be an amazing sister and help her, she does exercise and eat right, hardly wears any make up, she clenses and moisturises her skin every night so i have no idea where this extra oil thats building up is coming from… Do you suggest anything for her? Like see a doctor or something?! Thanks! icon smile Help needed on subclinical acne?


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